about us

At La Marcotterie, the mission is clear: to create 100% natural, French-inspired skincare products that not only nourish the skin but also embody a minimalist aesthetic. Each product is thoughtfully curated and meticulously crafted by hand in Chelsea, Canada. The designs are modest, yet they exude an undeniable charm that will captivate even the most discerning beauty connoisseurs. With a commitment to using natural and nourishing ingredients, La Marcotterie ensures that your skincare routine becomes a luxurious, guilt-free experience.

If I told you that I was a civil engineer not so long ago, would you believe it? Well, believe it or not, I embarked on a creative journey that began as a late-night hobby in 2015. With a thirst for knowledge and a desire to find an alternative solution for my eczema, I delved into the science of soap making, fearlessly combining my engineering background with a newfound love for botanical ingredients. Little did I know that my humble beginning would lead to the birth of a skincare line adored by minimalists worldwide.

Located in the breathtaking municipality of Chelsea, Quebec, La Marcotterie found its true home. The community of Chelsea has warmly embraced La Marcotterie’s vision, supporting me on my entrepreneurial journey. Craft markets in Chelsea have provided a platform for La Marcotterie to shine, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback has reinforced the belief that La Marcotterie's values align harmoniously with the spirit of Chelsea. With a deep love for nature, residents of Chelsea are drawn to La Marcotterie's eco-friendly and natural products, fostering a beautiful synergy between the brand and its customers.

Elodie Marcotte
Founder of La Marcotterie