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Botanical Engineering 

“If I told you that I was a civil engineer not so long ago, would you believe it?” smiles La Marcotterie founder, Elodie Marcotte. The brand began in 2015 as a creative journey arising from a late-night hobby. With a thirst for knowledge and a desire to find an alternative solution for her eczema, Elodie started exploring the science of natural cosmetology, combining her engineering background with a newfound love for botanical ingredients.

While still working as a full-time civil engineer, she started to dedicate evenings and weekends to creating products, which she sold on Etsy. “Given my French-Canadian origin” she muses, “I am dedicated to crafting bath and body products with a French influence, embodying a minimalist approach, all while maintaining a focus on using natural ingredients to deliver luxurious, eco-friendly cosmetics.”

The Sweet Scent of Success

Everything took a turn in the spring of 2020 – “for me and for the whole world” recounts Elodie. As Covid-19 spread and lockdowns were imposed, people were encouraged to support local businesses and shop for handmade goods. “When Mother's Day rolled around, since most people couldn't visit their moms, the big thing was to send them a thoughtful gift by mail”, remembers Elodie. Offering self-care gift sets on Etsy, one day she got her lucky break – the brand was featured on the front page of Etsy USA. On that day alone, a flood of 160 orders rolled in, and the days that followed were almost as wild. “To put things in perspective” explains Elodie, “I was used to receiving one or two orders per week prior to the spring of 2020.” 

Filled with excitement, but also worried that she wouldn't have enough products to fulfill this sudden avalanche of orders, Elodie turned to her family, who, due to Covid, were all temporarily out of work. They all rallied to her aid, working day and night from her basement, while Elodie continued to maintain her full-time role as a civil engineer.

A Leap of Faith

The balancing act couldn’t continue forever – something needed to change. Gathering her courage, Elodie took a leap of faith and left her engineering job to chase her business dreams. Just a month later, she had to bring on two employees and the pace of La Marcotterie didn't slow down for the rest of the year. “The following year brought its own challenges”, she recalls, “constructing a new workshop space, hiring a third team member, setting up my own website, and investing in larger production equipment to keep up with the soaring demand”.

 Thank you for supporting my small business!” - Elodie