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Discover our Soap Lover gift set—featuring all-natural, handmade soaps suitable for all skin types. This set is a soap enthusiast's dream, allowing you to indulge in all our signature soaps. Perfect for discovering your favorites or gifting to someone who appreciates the art of natural soap.

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6 body and face bar of soap (100 gr): Handcrafted with cleansing and moisturizing plant butters and oils, essential oils and botanical extracts. the following scents will be included in the gift set:
- sweet adele: pink French clay, rosemary, lavender, lemongrass and wheat bran
- meditation: activated charcoal, cedar wood, lavender, eucalyptus, birch sweet, ho-wood and rose petals
- nature spa: eucalyptus, cajeput and peppermint
- wild flowers exfoliating soap: frankincense, pine scotch, lemongrass, spearmint, chamomile flowers, pumice stone and poppy seeds
- inspiration: birch sweet, ho-wood, purple Brazilian clay and lavender buds
- boudoir: geranium, lavender, bergamot, red French clay and hibiscus flowers