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6 romantic date ideas for Valentine’s Day during the pandemic

6 romantic date ideas for Valentine’s Day during the pandemic

With February comes the celebration of love, reminding us the importance of enjoying our time with our lover. Offering the gift of time with a unique experience is the perfect way to show the affection you have for your favorite person. Here are some date ideas to do in this romantic month for you to create beautiful memories with your partner.

1. Reconnect over a gastronomic meal

With the restaurants reopening, the date options are multiplied and you can now book a spot at your favorite place. If your first choice was not able to open their doors, the majority of restaurants still have takeaway options in order for you to enjoy delicious food in the comfort of your own home. Decorate your table and get your fancy cutlery out to make it feel like you are out and about at your favorite restaurant.

If you live in the Outaouais region, L’Orée du bois restaurant offers French and regional-inspired gastronomic meals and has a warm and rustic ambiance. In addition, the restaurant-café Chez Edgar serves a variety of original dishes, for those who prefer to celebrate over breakfast or brunch!

2. Recreate your own home spa

Taking time for ourselves and being able to relax is a key element to maintaining well-being and doing it with a pair is even better! Running a warm bath, getting spoiled with a massage and listening to relaxing songs are great ways of slowing down and spending quality time together.

La Marcotterie Valentine’s Day gift set is perfect to recreate your very own “home spa”. Offering a soft and citrusy massage oil, two soap samples with sweet aroma along with our Chérie bath bomb. This one is the perfect complement to a warm, romantic bath, providing you with a sweet and fresh smell along with a fizzling sensation. Top it off with a home massage for a well-deserved relaxing, romantic night.

3. Run a movie marathon rolled up in comfy blankets

Watching movies on repeat while eating your favorite candy and sipping on a glass of wine sounds like the perfect combo to spend one of the most comforting night!

If you’re looking for a sweet gift set to complement your night, Boucles & Bonbons offers personalized gift boxes for every special occasion. For Valentine's Day, they have designed different boxes suitable for all kinds of tastes. One of the preferred one is called “I love your face” and contains a caramel pot, a bag filled with candies, a hot chocolate and lots of other goodies, all perfect for the cold winter weather.

4. Exploring our winter wonderland

Take your lover skating in the forest, for a beautiful outdoors date! This activity allows to breath fresh air while letting yourselves slide in the heart of nature. If skating isn't part of your skills, a snowshoe hike down a beautiful trail is another great way to enjoy the beauties of nature. 

To add an element of surprise to your romantic activity, you could plan a picnic or a little something to eat for your better half. However, even if nature in water can be majestic, the icy temperatures are common during this time of the year and it is important to be well equipped to fully enjoy your time outdoors. In any case, what’s better than a long hug from your partner to get warmer?

5. A candle-lit romantic dinner

If the idea of going out in a restaurant remains uncomfortable and that you have cooking skills, there’s nothing better than a home-cooked meal, made with love. Tips and tricks to create a romantic environment for your dinner at home: dim the lights, spread rose petals, clear the table and light up some candles. Small and simple gestures that will surely set the tone of the room.

La Marcotterie Chalet candle is a great complement to your romantic date with its sweet cinnamon aroma. Our candles are made from soy wax, which contains all-natural plant ingredients. In addition to being scented with essential oils, the candles are 100% organic. These features are great to limit the toxic fumes liberated in the air while leaving you with a delightful and unique scent.

6. Stimulating your minds with board games

Board games are a great excuse to spend an evening with your companion asking each other spicy questions, laughing wildly and discovering new aspects of each other. Whether it being Scrabble, chess or a card game, you can select the option that is most suitable to you both in order to enjoy time in the present with one another.

One of our recommendation would be the card game "We're not really strangers" which can help deepening your relationship by learning about the other person. An ideal game for young couples or simply used as a starter for palpitating conversations.