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The 8 best Canadian gifts for Mother's Day

The 8 best Canadian gifts for Mother's Day

They run all day to take care of work, their home and their family. They foresee and organize the space to make sure everyone always has what they need. They always make their kids go first and put themselves last. What would we do without our precious moms?

Mother’s Day is an ideal occasion to allow our moms to put themselves first and to celebrate their devotion. They deserve to have the time to rest and restore their energy and they should be pampered, just like they do for us every day!

Here is a guide to find the perfect gift for every type of mom. Whichever interests or hobbies your mother is into, there is something for everyone!

1. The new mom

Exhausted and out of breath, the new mom is often the one that benefits the most from her peers’ support. She gives everything, even her precious hours of sleep to make sure her little one has always everything that is needed. Why not allow her to have a peaceful moment together with her newborn? La Marcotterie offers various “New mom” gift sets, which are specifically designed to help make the bath routine gentler for both mommy and baby. It contains a natural unscented soap perfect for newborn’s sensitive skin. You can also find a massage oil which is ideal to hydrate mom’s tired skin and to make her relax with its soothing scent. Another nice addition to the gift set is a bag of bath salt, which can soothe postpartum anxiety with its essential oils. To top off, mom will be able to have some self-care time with a lavender and rosemary body butter.

2. The natural mom

She is always looking for a homemade recipe and strongly believes in the power of ingredients in their pure form and the non-toxic products made from it. Zero waste stores often have a lot of unique products in their raw form along with various accessories made of local material without any known toxin. For example, you can often find various reusable bags for grocery shopping, for snacks or other foods in zero waste stores. There are also skincare products without packaging like bar shampoos or else, reusable makeup pads. There are even some zero waste stores online which offer additional gift options in the comfort of your own home. The website from the store DDD is a good example. In addition to being natural, a gift found in a zero waste store can also be ecological, which is everything to make the natural mom proud!

3. The adventurous mom

The one that can’t be held in place with her head filled with holiday ideas and outdoor activities. With summer approaching, she probably has camping adventures planned. The “Camping” box from the Canadian company La Marcotterie is the ideal gift that will follow her in outdoor journeys. It contains a natural insect repellent, a nature and lake-safe soap, an SPF lip balm and an outdoor citronella candle. In addition to providing the essentials for outdoor activities, these are all made of 100% natural ingredients, which makes it easy to use in nature without worrying about the environmental impact.

4. The business mom

We can often find her brainstorming new project ideas and accomplishments to come. She is organized and has an exceptional sense of time management. She is very good at what she does, but she unfortunately often forgets to have personal quality time. The business mom would benefit from more relaxing moments, like a spa date or a massage appointment, for example. For Mother’s Day, to treat her with this kind of activity is a great way to show her that you have her well-being at heart and that she deserves to have some rest despite her various projects!

5. The chic mom

Neatly done nails, hair with a perfect bounce, delicate makeup… chic moms all have their beauty habits that no one can take away! Transform a simple beauty habit into a mother-daughter date. Surprise her by booking an exclusive appointment at her favorite beauty salon and tag along with her so you can both enjoy it together. Offering to your chic mom her favorite activity with you for Mother’s Day can be an excellent way to acknowledge her needs and give her a personalized gift.

6. The sporty mom

With her wiggling feet, she makes sure to have moved her body before her day starts. Physical activity is part of her priorities and she loves to share her passion for sports by encouraging her surroundings to move. Why not gift her your engagement by signing up for a sports event together for Mother’s Day this year? Whether it is a colorful run or a challenging forest race, to have a common objective and work together will make the sporty mom the happiest. Among the most popular running races in Canada, there is the Jasper Canadian Rockies Half-Marathon, the Vancouver Sun Run and the Lévis Half-Marathon in Quebec.

7. The artsy mom

When she gets in a creative phase, the artsy mom can appear submerged in an unknown world. In those times, it can be difficult to connect with her or to spend quality time together. Offering her a tool or something that can optimize her artistic flow for Mother’s Day can be a great way to show her your support for her art and passion. Whether it is a paint brush or a pottery table, the intention to encourage her to grow through her passion will warm her heart!

8. The grandmother

The grandmother is often very generous, of her time, resources and availability. There is nothing she loves more than spending time with her family and her grandkids. She makes a lot of sacrifices for them and always ensures that everything is organized and prepared for everyone! For Mother’s Day, we suggest that you organize a surprise day with her grandkids, without having her worry about preparation of the details of the activity. Whether you organize a photo session, a picnic in nature or a crafting activity with the little ones, offering her quality time with family will be sure to fill her heart with happiness!